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Instructions On Shipping Your Laptop To Us!

Click here to download our laptop mailer form

Give us a call

Before you decide to send your PC or Apple laptop in to us for repair, give us a call. That way we can get you setup in our system which will help speed along the repair services. We can also go over all the charges that will be involved with your repair.

Who should I use to send it? UPS, USPS or FedEx?

We get asked this all the time and to be honest, it really doesnt matter. We ship back using UPS most of the time. If you feel more comfortable using FedEx or USPS then please do so. We get deliveries everyday for all of the carriers out there.

Regardless of who you use, please make sure the laptop is packaged properly for its journey to our office.


Properly packaging your computer is the most important thing when going through the shipping process. Make sure it has engouh padding and space to not get damaged during its trip. Bubble wrap works great to ship your laptop in, make sure the box is big enough to ensure you can easily wrap the laptop several times with the bubble wrap. Also, if the carrier you use offers a laptop shipping box I would suggest taking it. They are designed specifically to ship laptops.

What Do I Need To Include In The Box?

Please include the following items with every laptop you ship to us. Make sure the laptop form is 100% filled out:

If you would like to prepay for your return shipping, and include the return shipping label in the box, that would be great. If not we can charge you when the service is complete.